Welcome to the Exciting World of the Distributed Workforce!

Welcome to the exciting world of the distributed workforce!

For many of you, working from home is a novelty, a challenge or both. At EcoAdapt, we’d call it Tuesday (or any other day of the week). We’ve been a distributed organization by design since we started in 2008. There are obviously a host of easy tips that you’ve no doubt either heard or learned the hard way—optimize your internet connection, find a quiet space, get headphones with a mic, and accept that your pet or child will want to join you on your meeting. Our team has a few of additional tips that might help you.

Here they are:
  • “Pick a time that your work day ends…otherwise it never will.” 
  • “You cannot go from one zoom meeting to another all day. At some point you have to eat, drink and use the bathroom.” 
  • “If you turn off your video, you can do yoga while you listen.” 
  • “If you don’t have to take notes on a call, you can take your call while you take a walk.” 
  • “Make yourself a daily schedule -with meal/outdoor breaks and stretch often!” 
  • “Set your personal expectations during working hours as if you are 'at the office' - chores can wait until after work - just like they would if you were commuting to an office." 
  • “Start your morning with some structure! Whether that’s reading the news, taking a walk, or making a hardy breakfast - having a consistent routine as soon as you wake up can help lay out the rest of your day.” 
  • “Try to keep a spot in your home just for work - that is where you work and that is where work stays. Otherwise, it can be hard to keep work and life separate when everything happens in the same space.” 
  • “Putting your work computer to the side at the end of the work day. Limit the temptation to start working again after your workday has finished.” 
  • “Going for a walk before and after work as a way to simulate a ‘commute' to the office.” 
  • “With kids - if you can, switch childcare duties with your partner in short spurts (e.g., 2.5 hours at a time).” 
  • “Take the time to learn how you work best. Putting in the effort at the beginning will help with productivity in the long run.” 
  • "Get dressed for the day! Even if you are not leaving the house, this can keep you in the 'normal' routine of going to work and can help you feel ready to start the day." 
  • "Remember to be patient with yourself and your colleagues. The adjustment to working from home can be a difficult one." 
  • "Communication is key! Having clear expectations and open lines of communication can help you stay organized, manage your time, and develop a sense of accountability."
  • "Even though you are not seeing colleagues as often or in person, try not to micromanage and overwhelm teammates with too much communication."
  • "Take breaks and eat your meals away from your desk or workspace." 
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