Is Our Country Ready for Climate Change?

“We have to do a better job.” – Kamala Harris

Dr. Hansen gives testimony to House Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands in February 2019

This is an understatement.
Our country is not only not moving forward toward preparedness for climate change, but we are in fact moving backwards—making us progressively more vulnerable to the effects of climate change as the climate crisis grows.

Our communities are in harm’s way from increasing storms, flooding and fires. Our health is undermined by increasing temperatures, along with diminished air and water quality. Personal budgets stretched by rising food costs and increasing energy bills required to deal with extreme weather. There is no aspect of our lives untouched by climate change.

Yet federal actions in recent years have focused on rolling back the already insufficient structures we had in place to prepare us. Our federal government must consider climate change in every decision (fiscal expenditures and policy) in order to stop making climate change worse and start making us more durable to the change we’ve already created.

We cannot afford not to.

Post content written by Lara Hansen, the Chief Scientist, Executive Director and co-founder of EcoAdapt, and co-author of Climate Savvy.

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Images: "Wake Up" Photo by Markus Spiskeon Unsplash