Is My Project Vulnerable to Climate Change?

Many natural resource managers have been and continue to implement on-the-ground
projects. But are these projects vulnerable to climate change? Can they be designed differently
to reduce potential vulnerabilities?

These are the kinds of questions we set out to answer during a two-day workshop in 2016 with natural resource managers from federal and state agencies, conservation organizations, and watershed
partnerships in Southern California. The workshop focused on four common types of projects in
the region:
1. Expanding and restoring fuelbreaks in chaparral habitats;
2. Restoring and revegetating sage scrub habitats;
3. Revising grazing management plans in grassland habitats; and
4. Improving aquatic organism passage in stream habitats.

Participants worked together to evaluate how climate and non-climate vulnerabilities could
impact the ability to achieve project goals, whether and how current project actions minimize
vulnerabilities, and potential new adaptation actions that could be added to the project.

Check out each case study to see how many of the actions already being implemented help
reduce climate vulnerabilities as well as new adaptation ideas to incorporate in future projects!