Ask President Obama to be more Climate Savvy in his next State of the Union

The White House is asking Americans to submit their ideas for the State of Union address. Today our Executive Director, Lara Hansen, submitted this:

"Now is the time to prepare for the future. We need to create an America that can sail boldly into the 21st century on a course for success. To do this we need to let go of the outdated technologies that limit our options and hinder our livelihoods, and embrace the opportunities that equip us for the future that lies ahead. This means recognizing that our climate is changing and that change will change our country. We have a choice:
  • continue to do what we've always done despite changing conditions, risking our culture, economy and well-being, or
  • boldly address those changes and advance the United States into the coming century with the benefit of health, security and happiness."
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