Happy birthday to the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange!

It's CAKE's birthday! We turn 3 on July 4th!

We've had three extremely exciting and successful years! Check out a few of our milestones: 
  • Packed full of adaptation goodness! Over 1000 resources in the library, 320 case studies of on-the-ground projects, over 45 tools, and more than 500 opportunities and 400 events posted to the Community! Thank you for your contributions!
  • Depended on and used by adaptation practitioners around the globe! Over 250 sites link to CAKE including the EPA's Climate Ready Estuaries program, World Bank, National Fish, Wildlife, and Plants Climate Adaptation Strategy, USAID, and many more!
  • CAKE is a connected community of the best in the field! The community has grown to over 2,000 registered users and more than 100,000 unique visitors from over 190 countries since launch!
  • We've delivered 35 Slices of CAKE, our monthly newsletter, bringing CAKE's freshest content right to your inbox! 
  • And just in time for the party, we've updated the homepage! This allows us to more easily showcase new resources and feature popular content just for you! 
Don't know what to get CAKE for its birthday? Help CAKE's wishes come true, just like CAKE works to make all your adaptation wishes come true!

CAKE needs to continue growing and improving to meet your developing needs! We've listened to your feedback and are working hard to make your CAKE ideas a reality. 

Birthday wishes for CAKE sadly don't grow on trees. (That's right, CAKE can't eat fruit, collect pine cones, or read love notes on parchment.) CAKE is modern technology and needs your support to make a webinar series (and other improvements) happen.

If you have found CAKE useful and want to make it even better, please pitch in to help that happen! Click to learn about the improvements we are hoping to make in response to your requests. We hope you'll consider making CAKE's birthday wishes come true!

Have a wonderful week!