EcoAdapt Goes to the National Adaptation Forum!

This week our staff is busy participating in the National Adaptation Forum in Denver. Practitioners from around the country are convening to spend three days focused on the most pressing issue of our time and we are thrilled to be part of it! Here’s some of the activities that we’ll be engaged in:

April 2
  • Climate Savvy Quick Course: Join Lara, Alex, Rachel, and Jessica as they introduce you to the adaptation ladder of engagement and provide a primer on how to get the most of the Forum.
  • Successful Adaptation in Space and Time: Join Eric and Jessi for a workshop uncovering best practices in using spatio-temporal data in successful adaptation decision-making.
  • Overcoming the Barriers to Making Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning Climate-Smart: Join Jessi and Rachel in a symposium (April 2nd) and working group (April 3rd) as they examine the obstacles to climate-smart CMSP and explore approaches for officials, stakeholders, and practitioners to improve the integration of climate change into ocean planning and management.
  • Adaptation Tools Cafe: The Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange (CAKE; will be hosting a tools cafe on Tuesday night. In addition to CAKE, we will be featuring a new tool of ours, the Adaptation Marketplace, which is now live in the Coral Triangle. The Coral Triangle Adaptation Marketplace aims to provide project developers with essential funding information for coastal and marine adaptation projects, presented in an efficient and more accessible format. It will help investors understand Coral Triangle adaptation needs and select projects that match their funding requirements while eliminating the burden of excessive consultation that impacts a country’s capacity to absorb funds.
April 3
  • Fish Manager’s Guide to Climate Change: Join Alex and Lara as they convene a working group of the fisheries managers and adaptation thinkers to start a longer process to develop a Fish Manager’s Guide to Climate Change. Following on the model of the Reef Managers Guide to Coral Bleaching this product aims to assist fisheries managers and fishing industry leaders also realize that they require robust information and tailored guidance to better understand these implications and respond to the challenges of climate change. This working group session will be the first convening of the interested parties developing this product.
  • When Sandy Comes Knocking: Will your community be ready when Sandy comes knocking? Find out how communities were and were not adapted to the effects of a superstorm or similar events. Late October 2012 was described as the watershed moment in which the need for climate adaptation was fully appreciated. While still very early in the recovery process, this session will explore what adaptation practitioners learned from the Sandy experience, as well as what other regions are preparing for. Moderated by Lara Hansen (EcoAdapt) and Steve Adams (Institute for Sustainable Communities).

April 4
  • Is it Doing Any Good? The Case for Adaptation Monitoring: There is no one-size-fits-all approach to monitoring climate change adaptation, but opportunities exist for creative thinking and engagement around this issue. Practitioners will have the opportunity to share examples of monitoring and discuss approaches that may be effective in achieving specific adaptation objectives. This working group will explore examples of monitoring, and create an ad hoc think tank to discuss and develop ideas to support the evaluation of climate-smart strategies. Join Rachel and Lara for a conversation about the role of monitoring in climate change adaptation.
If you’re at the conference, come say hi! If not, we’ll be sure to update you on our conversations and findings in the coming weeks.