Facilitating the Implementation of Adaptation Strategies in California

By Alex Score
Redwood National Park/Michael Schweppe
California has just finalized its comprehensive state guidance on climate adaptation, the California Climate Adaptation Planning Guide (APG). The APG was developed to provide decision making guidance for local governments on adaptation priorities. The guidance document follows the release of the Our Changing Climate 2012 report, funded by the California Energy Commission, which determined that the state will continue to experience increasing temperatures, dry conditions, and sea level rise, among other climate-related effects. The APG is a flexible guidance document that is designed to help communities adapt to a changing climate. The document consists of four main parts: step-by-step vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning; in-depth analysis of climate change impacts; a regional impact analysis; and adaptation strategies organized by sector.

The APG is the result of a collaborative effort between the California Natural Resources Agency and the California Emergency Management Agency, with technical support from the California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly) and with funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.