Institutionalizing Climate Change in New York City

AngMoKio @Wikimedia Commons

On August 22, the New York City Council passed legislation to institutionalize the New York City Panel on Climate Change and the New York City Climate Change Adaptation Task Force "for the purpose of advising the City on climate change projections and adaptation." Both panels were initially convened by Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2008 in order to support PlaNYC, a comprehensive sustainability plan for the city.

According to the legislation, the New York City Panel on Climate Change will meet at least two times a year in order to review the most up-to-date climate science and impacts data. Using this information, the panel will make recommendations to the Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability and the Adaptation Task Force on incorporating climate projections into planning processes. The Task Force will meet twice per year to review the recommended projections, evaluate the impacts on the city's public health, natural systems, built infrastructure, and economy, and develop coordinated adaptation strategies to reduce the city's vulnerability.