Is North Carolina's new state bird the ostrich?

Good news, we finally know where the state of denial is!
It certainly isn't in Hawaii where last month the governor signed historic legislation making adaptation the law of the land. Their state bird is the Nene.

Brenda Zaun @Wikimedia Commons

Adamantios @Wikimedia Commons
Nope - it turns out that North Carolina can shorten its name, change its postal code abbreviation to DN, and officially adopt a new state bird.

North Carolina's governor recently made history by allowing historic legislation to happen without her signature. Now HB 819 prevents state agencies from making policy decisions based on the latest scientific assessments of how sea level rise will play out along their shores, guaranteeing that decisions about coastal zoning, development, and protection will get it wrong, costing local and state governments untold dollars in future costs and liabilities.

Of course if you are afraid of climate change and don't mind getting a little sand in your ears, now could be a good time to move to North Carolina! We look forward to monitoring the efficacy of outlawing reality. For more on this approach see the Adaptation Mavens' column on CAKE.

- Lara