EcoAdapt Selected to Receive Funding from California LCC

We are pleased to announce that EcoAdapt's proposal to facilitate a collaborative, multi-stakeholder effort to develop a large scale vulnerability assessment and adaptation strategies for focal resources of the Sierra Nevada was one of eight projects selected for funding from the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC). Funded projects range from regional invasive plant management to predicting sea level rise impacts on tidal wetlands.
Mike Baird, Wikimedia Commons
Project partners include the U.S. Forest Service, Conservation Biology Institute, and Geos Institute. Specific project objectives include assessing the vulnerability of Sierra Nevada focal resources to climate change, using spatial analysis and expert input to prioritize conservation areas or actions, and identifying implementable management responses to climate change in the Sierra Nevada. Scientists, land managers, and conservation practitioners will be invited to provide input throughout this project with the goals of creating a more integrated assessment, building buy-in and capacity across a range of stakeholders, and ensuring that both scientific and managerial viewpoints are integrated throughout.