Adaptation ABCs: L is for long-term thinking

is for long-term thinking.
One quick and dirty way to take a big step towards making your decisions climate-savvy is simply to ask whether a particular decision makes sense over the long term given the expected manifestations of climate change. We may not make every decision with the next several decades in mind, but there are plenty of decisions where a long-term view can sure save us time, money, and heartache. Thinking of buying a house near the coast, in a floodplain, or in a fire-prone area? It's well worth getting at least a rough idea for how flooding, fire, and erosion might change as a result of climate change. Is insurance likely to become prohibitively expensive or unavailable? Will you be evacuating and possibly losing your possessions every 30 years? Every 10 years? Pondering whether to invest in some expensive equipment to support your burgeoning agricultural efforts? Might be worth thinking about whether climatic changes and effects could affect your ability to pay off the loans, or even the utility of the equipment itself if certain crops or agriculture approaches become untenable in your area.