Sea level rising? No worries - live on the water.

By Rachel M. Gregg

In addition to the hilarious comments, I enjoyed reading the 10 innovative ideas that let us live on water piece over at the Mother Nature Network site this morning.

There's the Lilypads, recycled plastic islands, and Swimming cities, but my favorite is the Water-Scraper, not so much for its aesthetic design but because it's so just clever:

"The creators of the Water-Scraper believe that the effects of climate change mean it’s 'only a natural progression that we will populate the seas someday,' so they designed this livable, sustainable structure for humans to occupy. The Water-Scraper uses wave, wind and solar power, and its bioluminescent tentacles provide sea fauna a place to live while collecting energy through kinetic movements. This floating structure even generates its own food through farming, aquaculture and hydroponics. A small forest is nestled on the top of the Water-Scraper, along with wind turbines, a garden and livestock, and the living areas are located just below sea level where natural light is best."