Adapting to Climate Change in the Sky Island Region

By Rachel M. Gregg

In September, Lara spent a few days in Tucson with the Sky Island Alliance, the Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative, and about 85 other interested groups (plus a great group of conveners!) at the Climate Change Adaptation in the Arid Southwest: A Workshop for Land and Resource Management. This was vibrant exchange of key information about the effects of climate change in the region presented by local experts (Louise Misztal, Gregg Garfin, Tom Swetnam, Julia Fonseca, Christina Vojta and Marcos Robles) on everything from participant perceptions to FIRE! to wildlife and human communities. This was the kick-off meeting to an ongoing process to build an Arizona Climate Change Network and develop ideas about how to include climate change in activities across the region from water management and wildlife corridor development to improved research and monitoring. This meeting was also used to inform the development of the U.S. Department of Interior’s Desert Landscape Conservation Cooperative (commonly known as an LCC. In this region the process is being led by the Bureau of Reclamation, unlike other regions where the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plays this role.

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