National Climate Adaptation Summit, May 2010

By Lara Hansen

A week ago in Washington, DC there was a two and a half day meeting convened to discuss ideas around national action (federal activities in particular) on climate change adaptation. It was exciting to see a gathering of over a hundred people who were serious about the need for action on adaptation. There were some great examples of on-the-ground work already underway, including representatives from Chicago, New York City, Keene (New Hampshire), and San Francisco, as well as industry, environmental organizations, and federal agencies. Participants seemed to get a lot out of sharing the lessons they’ve been learning and trading tips on what works and what’s hard. There was a good deal of discussion about the need for an adaptation case study clearinghouse, the need for a way to network adaptation practitioners and the need for good adaptation advice. Good thing CAKE is about to launch—see for more details—and the status of adaptation project is so far along! (Did you know we have over 115 case studies to date?)

The summit was about getting people’s ideas about what can be done to enable adaptation activity, especially from the federal level. Obviously the 100+ people who attended don’t know it all. So I encourage each of you to send thoughts and ideas to the folks who convened this.

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