Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New study says people who don't believe in climate change don't like people who do, and vice versa

By Lara Hansen

A new study from Nature Climate Change says people who don't believe in climate change don't like people who do, and vice versa!

Just when you thought there weren't enough opportunities for people to not get along, its turns out our belief in the cause of climate change is another. Interesting perspective that reminds us that very few wars have ever been fought over science. Although we do have a long history of beliefs resulting in repudiation of science we don't like because it affects the status quo--think round Earth, sun centered solar system, lead as a pervasive toxin in our environment, endocrine disruptors. Eventually we come around to science and make it part of our beliefs. The lesson may not be that we are in a culture war, but we are in phase of developing new beliefs based on a new understanding of reality. Hopefully we do it quickly.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Climate Risk and Preparedness in Obama's 2016 Budget

Have you ever taken the time to consider how climate change might affect your work? 

How it might affect your investments? 

Carsten Tolkmit

EcoAdapt asks people to do this everyday as part of our Awareness to Action workshops and trainings. But we were thrilled to see that the U.S. Government did this as part of the President’s budget! Check it out!

After you give it a read try it yourself. What projects did you work on today? Is climate change likely to affect any of them? How sound are your investments in that work?

If you’re stymied, EcoAdapt is happy to work with you to try and figure it out.