New Case Study on CAKE: Preparing for Climate Change in Missoula County, Montana

Missoula County is already experiencing the effects of climate change, ranging from increasing air and water temperatures to decreasing snowpack and summer flows. Scientists predict that these effects will combine to worsen wildfire risk, disease outbreaks, and invasive species establishment, among others. In response to these threats, the Clark Fork Coalition, Geos Institute, and Headwaters Economics partnered to increase public awareness of climate change and create adaptation strategies with local input and buy in. In June 2011, around 100 Missoula locals gathered for a two-day workshop based on the ClimateWise process created by the Geos Institute. Participants identified the top threats and potential impacts to the area's natural environment and community. Twenty-four adaptation strategies and 100 implementation actions were derived by workshop participants; results are available through an interactive online tool on the Clark Fork Coalition’s website. For more information, read the case study on CAKE or contact Jill Alban or Ray Rasker.